HSE to charge for poor safety standards

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20 Dec 2011

Like all Government Departments, the HSE has had its budgets cut by some 35% and
so have gained approval from the government to impose charges on companies whose
safety standards fall below the required legal standards.
Although there is a consultation period taking place into procedural systems to make
the charges, the decision has been made that charges will be levied from April 2012.
These ‘fees’ are expected to be based on £133.00 per hour for site and office time plus
expenses e.g. telephone calls, taken to deal with any breaches and the following table
gives the likely charges for the various issues encountered.


Now is a good time to have a full company audit to assess your standards and to make
sure that you have everything in place rather than have the HSE visit and charge these
high fees to bring your Company into line. Contact us for a quote and to book an audit