James Slater - Director
Chartered Safety Practitioner

James Slater is a Company Director of JNC Safety Services. He has a Masters in Law from the University of Salford and recently achieved his Bachelor of Science in Fire and Rescue. James is a Chartered Fellow Safety Practitioner as well as a Fellow Member of IIRSM. He has over 20 years experience in health and safety and has a passion for the law. James provides JNC Safety Services with in depth knowledge of health and safety law including areas such as fire, construction and other industries.

He also sits a chairperson in the Magistrates Court as well as sitting on the family bench. James also sits as a chairperson for IOSH Peer Review interviews. He acts as an expert witness both in the Civil and Criminal Courts and holds the Bond Solon Certificate from Cardiff Law School.

Here is a link to his CV: James Slater CV